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Max van den Bosch

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Max van den Bosch is an enthusiastic 19-year-old boy (30 June 1998) from Ermelo with a large interest for ICT and sound. He is currently working at Motorsticker as project leader and engineer.

During the week you can find Max at Christelijk College Groevenbeek, where he is in the exam year of secondary school (VWO 6). Next year he will probably take a gap year.

Max van den Bosch program much, but isn't scared of any server management either. Windows knows almost no surprises for him. Want to know more? Please send him an email or contact us using the form.

Max also plays with sound and photography. He learns bits of the technique of live sound at HD-Rent. Max also makes photographs since this summer, you can find them on Tumblr and Instagram .




Since the summer of 2016, I have a Canon 1100D that I regularly use to make photos and video's. With this DSLR I can also film in Full HD. You can find pictures that I made on Tumblrand on Instagram .



Programming is something I do since my tenth. At first I only created websites and webapplications, but now I am also creating apps for Android and software for Windows. I am always looking for ways to automate tedious and time-consuming jobs, and I always keep up with the latest developments in the field. Would you like to know more about what I can do for you? Feel free to send me an email or contact us using the form below on this page.



Since 2014 I am actively engaged in audio engineering, live mixes of bands but also working as a "stagehand". I also edit and master sound and create jingles.


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